Simple Living Goalsetting card

Goal Setting tips…Is your Goal: Specific? Are you clear about what you are working towards?

Positive? Reinforce good habits, rather than criticise bad.

Challenging, yet achievable? Is it realistic? Small steps are good options

Measurable? How will you know when you’ve completed it?

Flexible? You may need to adjust or change your goal with new circumstances.

Ask yourself: What? Why? When? Where? Who with? How?

“The difference between a dream and a goal is the written word” Anon

My Simple Living Goal and steps to achieve this are:

Goal (What I intend) _____________________________ ___________________________________________________ Why I want to achieve this________________________ ___________________________________________________ I will achieve my goal by (timeframes):____________ ___________________________________________________ Where? ___________________________________________ With whom? ______________________________________ How will I do it? Step 1_____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

Step 2_____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

Step 3_____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

I will know it is complete when ______________________________________________________________________________________________________