York Session 6

Videos prepared for this Session of the Course: these go live at the same time as the course begins in York

S6P1 Simple Living

S6P2 Doughnut Economics to the Influence You have

S6P3 Simple Living Goal Setting and Sent out into Action

Resources referred to in the presentation. You might like to view, download or print these

*Permaculture flower

*Links between Sustainable Living and Health
*MMM Sustainable thinking starters (calendar style)

Schwartz basic values exercise

1. What do you value in life? Which concepts, ideals, people, places, or things are important to you?

2. What issues do you care about? Which issues do you think society needs to address, whether in this country or globally.

3. What does a society that has addressed these challenges value?

Imagine a society that had addressed all of the issues you listed.

What would people living in this society value most and what would they value least? Circle the five most important and five least important TO YOU in the values diagram, using the definitions on the back of the colourful page linked below
Schwartz Theory of Basic Values *Value Definitions (back of sheet)
and *Value categories (front of sheet)

*Mexican fisherman video a parable about the good life
*47 seconds of wisdom from Jose Mujica former president of Uruguay

*Doughnut Economics

*Good Grief
*Simple Living Goalsetting card

*Write a postcard to your future self
*Please complete the end of course survey and return it by email to kjmoller@wn.com.au
* video 5th Mark of mission prayers
* video David Attenborough What a wonderful world
* video Chinese farmer- maybe
*Formidable vegetable climate movement video

Some Formidable Vegetable sound tracks pertinent to this session
11 The edge

12 Change

Other Videos to watch, and further reading are sent in the midweek emails