York Session 5

Videos prepared for this Session of the Course

Session 5 Part 1 Healthy Home and Healthy you: Introduction and Food

Session 5 Part 2 Toxins: Become aware and Reduce your exposure

Session 5 Part 3 Permaculture, wellness, mental health and DIY cleaning intro

Resources referred to in the presentation. You might like to view, download or print
Food Additive Alert cards
Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen and Clean 15
Fashion waste and water
Lead in household items?
Solidteknics – Australian made sustainable cookware
DIY Recipes and “Naturally Inspired” Book
Permaculture Ethics -what happens at the intersections
Effects of Childhood Trauma
Ways to build positive Stress
Mental Health and coping during Pandemic (or any other big issue!)

BE’s Beta Endorphins Read more about them in “Potatoes not Prozac”
or visit the Radiant Recovery webpage
Goal Setting cards for Healthy Home (I printed on brick Buff)
and Healthy You (I printed on Pink)
Some DIY Cleaning Recipes

Some Formidable Vegetable sound tracks pertinent to this session
Get together

Other Videos to watch, and further reading are sent in the midweek emails