York Session 4

Videos prepared for this Session of the Course
Session 4 Part 1 Soil Testing
Session 4 Part 2 Gardening for Food
Session 4 Part 3 Reducing Waste

Resources referred to in the presentation. You might like to view, download or print
Estimating soil texture by hand Dept of Agriculture WA

Edible weeds and Foraging around Perth

Make your own Potting mix DEG recipe

Earth Carers information sheets Compost, Bokashi, Worm Farm

GreenLife Soils planting guide for Perth

Gaia’s Organic Gardens Companion planting guide

Moon planting guide Better homes and gardens video is about halfway down the page

Crop Rotation

Gardening for Food Goal setting card

Furoshiki wrapping pdf from Japanese dept for the environment

Waste Reduction Goal setting Card

Some Formidable Vegetable sound tracks pertinent to this session
3 Yield

6 No such thing as Waste

Other Videos to watch, and further reading are sent in the midweek emails