York Session 3

Videos prepared for this Session of the course
*Session 3 Part 1. Energy
*Session 3 Part 2. Sustainable Transport and Community
*Session 3 bonus. Community – Rev Lorna Green

Resources referred to in the presentation: (You might like to view, download or print)
*Carbon footprint calculator
*Tell Synergy that you want Green energy login to your account and choose your green energy option: natural power % of the total, or how much money you want to pay for Green energy of the $ in each bill.
*Home Energy Assessment Checklist Worksheet from Anglican Carbon Reduction project (Perth)
*Energy wise Goal setting card

*WWF Travel and Transport Infographic make your car-use more energy efficient
*Transport wise Goal setting card

*Community Goal setting card

Some Formidable Vegetable sound tracks pertinent to this session
*Energy(permaculture principle 2 catch and store energy)
*Oil (permaculture principle 5, use and value renewable resources)

Other Videos to watch, and further reading are sent in the midweek emails,
these are just a starting point
*Try cooking without fossil fuels. I really like using my solar oven
*5 Steps to improve your Critical Thinking
Climate Stripes Scarf: *Common Grace; *Anglican focus; *Speech in Parliament;