York Session 1

Videos prepared for this Session of the Course
Session 1 Part 1 Introduction and Overview

Session 1 Part 2 Permaculture and Goal Setting

Resources referred to in the presentation. You might like to download or print

Sustainable Bingo: Find someone who…

Global Sustainability problems – What is our contribution?

Permaculture Principles – Holmgren

Permaculture Principles MMM Worksheet

The ultimate cheat sheet for Critical Thinking

Don’t be tricked by illogical arguments. Common logical fallacies

Goal Setting for the Course Overall

Some formidable vegetable sound tracks pertinent to this session
1 Look Around

9 Small and Slow

Other Videos to watch, and further reading are sent in the email

Here’s a bonus video I found after the email was sent, discussing Logical fallacies

and an example of one with fatal consequences (false cause)