Duncraig 2021 – Week 3 Act Local Energy Transport Community

Hello again everyone.
What a wonderful list of community groups we collected last Thursday. Below, I will paste the ones which were written on the sheets and a few which have been collected since. Thanks to Rev Lorna for her talk and to Marie for talking about the Borrow and Share Bunting.

Thanks too to Mike Norman for his Sustainable Transport talk and living it out. I hope that a few of you have been inspired to use a bike or public transport.

We have been working on the footage David has recorded in each session and now have the first week ready for you to rewatch. We have discovered that it needs to be in a number of segments, but have listed the URL for the next one in the description box that will appear below each one, as well as the URL for the videos we showed in the session so you can watch them again.
Our footage is unlisted, which means people cannot search for them but need to have the URL to find them.

Wk1 Ep1 Introduction, welcome and overview of the Sustainable Living Course https://youtu.be/J8AsBtKA8JE

WK1 Ep2 Broad Introduction to Permaculture https://youtu.be/kt47Brfy94w

WK1 Ep3 Sustainability https://youtu.be/ky5XW22KkAI

WK1 Ep4 Climate Change https://youtu.be/21Qku9BV9Eg 

Thanks to Pippa and Belinda for yummy food last week.
This week Pauline will bring savoury and Susie will bring something sweet for afternoon tea.

We will talk about Waste and how we can waste less, and about Gardening for Food.

You are invited to come to Duncraig Edible Garden on Saturday 28th August. Gardeners will be there 9am-noon, and I will give you a tour if you are there at 10am.
On Sunday 29th August, the first tour of MMM garden 3-5pm at 5 Cobine Way Greenwood. Please make sure to be on time, or even a few minutes early as there is a lot to cover in that session. It would be nice if a few people bring a plate to share for afternoon tea.
You are welcome to bring family or friends who you think would also benefit from either the DEG or MMM Garden tour.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday

Kind Regards,

Links for further reading or watching:
we watched this video
Catherine Mohr: The tradeoffs of building green | TED Talk

Energy Assessment Checklist v2.xlsx (anglican.org)
I showed you the 7 page printout of this. Download this assessment tool to help you assess the sustainability of your house.


this has a lot of very good information to read on many different pages. Take your time to read it all, or pick out what you think will be useful to you.

Carbon Footprint Calculator (carbonpositiveaustralia.org.au)
at www.footprintcalculator.org for a different assessment (that one is American)

stripes graphic:


Questions to Richard Heinberg from a 15-Year-Old Student – Resilience

Mike Norman has kindly offered to guide people who want to learn to ride, get a bike which suits them etc. He is a great coach. mike.norman@bigpond.com  0438 710 527

An inspiring TEDx talk by WA Living Smart teacher, Shani Graham, entitled “Take a street and build a community”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1WSkXWSJac&t=726s

Community groups in this area which can help you progress in your sustainability journey.

Community groups who do Earth care/growing things
Name of groupWhat they doWhere they meetWhen they meetContact information
Grow free W.A.Support community carts: homegrown fruits and veggies and reusable jars and seedlings etc to share with othersJoondalup family Centre has a cart (there may be others close by)The JFC cart is out Every weekendInternet search “grow free W.A.”
Grow it localAdvertise your plot by registering it  Website
Carine Duncraig plastic freeSupport each other reach plastic free July goalsFacebookOccasionallyFacebook
Duncraig Edible GardenA community Garden where people grow food and community together in a public space. Gardening education and workshops share the harvest, Perma cultureDuncraig Public library forecourt and surroundsAlternate Saturdays 9 AM to noon. Coming DEG day is our 28th August 11 and 25th September and so onDEGinfo@DuncraigedibleGarden.org.au

Duncraig Edible Garden | Facebook

NAPES Northern active Perma-culture enthusiaststhis is the local group of Perma culture West. We share and learn from each other’s experience in growing gardens and designing systems in harmony with nature to make the most efficient use of resourcesHome gardens of various members in turnSecond Sunday of each month 1 PM until fourNAPES@permaculturewest.org.rau
Northern Permies (NAPES) Perth | Facebook
Joondalup community Coast care forum (JCCCF)Volunteer community organisation within city of JoondalupNumerous volunteering opportunities to care for our coast at Marmion, Sorrento, Hillary’s Whitford’s etcWeekends or week days “see event list for contact details or just turn up to an event you will be welcome”jcccf.org.au
Email contact@jcccf.org.au
project leader for Sorrento Mike Norman phone 0438 710 527
Community groups who do people care/social things
Concordia craft CornerCraft morning for those who want to chat and work on their own projects or to take classes in mosaics, card making, beading, cooking, planting and a range of other crafts each week
$2 for morning tea (provided) plus relevant class costs
Concordia Lutheran Church 172 Glengarry drive, DuncraigTuesdays 9:30 AM until 11:30 AM during school termsDrop in on a Tuesday to see what’s happening (except Tuesday, September 7 group bus trip away). The last Tuesday of each term is choices day to select classes for the following term.
MS coffee club/peer connectSupports people living with Multiple Sclerosis. Get together for coffee and chat at least every second monthJill Groom Jill_Groom@Hotmail.com
Men’s shedA friendly and welcoming environment where men are able to work on meaningful projects at their own pace. The major objective is to advance the health and well-being of male members and encourage social inclusionJoondalup Wangara Wanneroo Gnangara and many moreTimes for each shed varies The focus of activities for each shed varies Www.men’s shed W.A..org.au/sheds-near-you/ gives you access to the list of sheds in W.A. and address and contact information
Community groups who do fair share/future aware /sharing things
Greenwood Street pantryGive what you can take what you need (shelf-stable food)St John’s Anglican Church GreenwoodAlways openGreenwood Street Pantry | Facebook
Zero waste and plastic free livingA friendly and supportive bunch working to make it easier for people living in Perth to choose zero waste and plastic-free lifestyles.Online (Facebook) (12) Zero Waste + Plastic Free Living Perth WA | Facebook
Buy Nothing CarinePeople give away their excess items or ask for items that they need. All free no money changes handsNeighbours meet when
you pick up items from the givers house
 Facebook has a Buy Nothing group for most suburbs. Asked to join
Bunting librarybunting to borrow instead of using balloonsGreenwoodOccasional making, borrowing by arrangementMarie O’Reilly
Community groups who make or mend things
Repair Café Double viewrepair broken things electrical mend clothing228 Hancock St Doubleviewsort of monthly weekendsfollow Transition Town Stirling on Facebook for alerts
Boomerang bagsmake fabric bags to use instead of plastic bagsCarine Guide HallmonthlyMarie O’Reilly
Bicycles for humanityrepair old donated bikes and sent to communities in AfricaMidlandtwo times per weekB4HWA.com