Duncraig 2021 – Week 2 Think Global Water Bio-diversity

Hello everyone,
Water and Biodiversity were big topics. I would like to have more time to allocate to every topic.

I could listen to Richard speak for hours. Richard kindly gave permission for me to share his powerpoint presentation. It is more than 6.4MB. If you would like a copy with all those glorious pictures, I suggest you bring a USB thumb drive for me to copy it onto. I have copied just the words and will send that in another email.  Sometimes Richard comes to Duncraig edible Garden on Saturday morning to tend the native verge he helped establish. The next DEG day is 28th August 9 AM to noon. Even if Richard doesn’t come, I would love to give anyone who is there at 10 AM a tour of the garden, and then invite you to join us for morning tea at 10:30.

Some people have said they are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information in each topic. There is a lot to cover, and I’m trying to select what will be the most relevant. However I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. Although it might seem that I am adding to the amount of that in the emails each week it is so that you can refer back to it later and slowly. I would encourage you to simply be present each week and listen but to take it in a little bit at a time. Be kind to yourself, adopt small and slow solutions. Choose one or two things to focus on and when you have consolidated that information, or even mastered those changes, then choose some more to work on. The information in the emails will wait for you. Look the links up or watch the videos when you have time and headspace.

I will talk a bit more about greywater and about rainwater tanks during the tour of our house and garden on 29th of August and 4th of September.

If you think of further questions on any of the topics during the week please email them to me and I will attempt to cover them in the following session or in the mid week email.

This week we will talk about energy, sustainable transport, and about community.
Michael Norman is a former city of Joondalup counsellor and a cycling advocate and commuter. He was also community coach of the year in the sport of cycling for 2012. He will come direct to us from cycle coaching at a school near Perth so he will have done a lot of writing in the morning that day.

Rev Lorna will talk to us about the value and importance of community. I invite you to bring with you information about any community groups that you think others in the course would appreciate, and information about when and where they meet. They might be a group that helps you learn how to mend things, a group for friendship, a group where you exercise together… I am sure that collectively we have a lot of contacts and information to share.

Afternoon tea volunteers for this week are Savoury Pippa, Sweet Belinda.

A few people can’t make it this week, we look forward to seeing you next week.
And I hope to see the rest of you on Thursday
Kind Regards

Videos of the Session

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For those who wanted the calculations for the water bill:
(total water use for that bill) divided by (the number of days in that billing period)
equals the volume of water used per day at your address.

How much water used by each person each day? We can’t tell how much is specifically you, but you can calculate the average: divide (the volume of water used per day) by (the number of people).

Dividing the volume of water used by each person per day in litres by 10 will give you the number of buckets used by each person per day.

Video Freshwater scarcity: the common good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otrpxtAmDAk

How to know what plants are endemic to the soil type at your address?
The website of APACE Nursery (where Richard works) is a wealth of information.
APACE Nursery Johanna St North Fremantle

Links to videos shown
What is biodiversity  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tgNamjTRkk  7.51

Why is biodiversity so important? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GK_vRtHJZu4

Why Australia’s biodiversity is in trouble?


Why Poor Soil Places Are More Diverse


Further things to watch or read:

Other information links

 Stirling ranges https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-01-07/bushfires-cause-stirling-ranges-biodiversity-to-be-devastated/11844516

GWM Water – Water Audit

Perth’s Water Supply | Find Out Where Perth’s Water Comes From (watercorporation.com.au)

How to check your waterwise status (watercorporation.com.au)

Four billion people face water shortage in a drying world – Market Business News

Not A Drop To Drink: The American Water Crisis [INFOGRAPHIC] (valuewalk.com)

25 Facts You Should Know About the Global Water Crisis | Seametrics

Rome’s water crisis turns political – Wanted in Rome

The World Is on the Brink of Widespread Water Wars (truthout.org)

The Role of Water Abuse in Climate Chaos – Systemic Alternatives

Climate change in WA – Water Corporation

Our vision for the future (impact update!) — Talking Crap (whogivesacrap.org)