Duncraig 2021 – Week 1 Welcome Introduction Overview Sustainable Living Perma-culture Goal Setting

Hello everyone,
It was wonderful to see you on Thursday, and to meet some of you in person for the first time.

We agreed that the outing will be not on one day but to have people come in 2 groups to see our house and garden at 5 Cobine Way Greenwood.
You may choose to come 3-5pm on Sunday 29th August or Saturday 4th September. You are welcome to bring other family members if you think they would also appreciate the opportunity.

Duncraig Edible Garden is a community Garden in the surrounds of Duncraig Public Library where gardeners meet on Saturday mornings 9-12 opposite weeks to Poynter farmers markets. I will gladly show you around DEG at 10am on 14th or 28th August, or on 11th September, and you will be very welcome to join us for morning tea which is usually at 10.30am.

Do mark your bin (on the outside! maybe with masking tape) to show how full it is before it is collected this week. It will be interesting to see if the volume of waste you generate changes over the next 6 weeks.
And next Thursday please remember to bring your latest water bill (or 2 or 3) next Thursday.
Rose and Marian have kindly offered to bring a plate for afternoon tea this coming week.
Richard McDowell, “The Native Gardener” is coming this week. I always learn something new from his inspiring passion for local native plants.

As promised, I am sending in this email:
*the overview of the course (a table, below my signature)
*links to re-watch the videos shown in week 1
Permaculture Principles


National Geographic Climate video


What is Permaculture (Mollison and Holmgren)


And a link to the blogpost by Meg McGowan “Permacoach” in which the Permaculture Tree appears. You might enjoy reading some of her other posts too.
Where to from here: Creating a permaculture learning circle – SMARTER THAN CROWS (wordpress.com)

Below the course outline summary table, I am also including some “further reading” links to other videos and articles you might like to investigate or use as a starting point for investigating further. There’s a lot here and I don’t expect anyone to read or watch them all. Take what seems good and let the rest go.

I look forward to seeing you again this coming Thursday.
Kind Regards,

Videos of the Session

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I am pleased to see regenerative agricultural initiatives. These don’t sustain things at a “we’ve always done it this way” level, but seek to improve ecology while producing a yield for human wellbeing.

‘Sustainable isn’t a thing’: why regenerative agriculture is food’s latest buzzword | Food | The Guardian

(34) Natural sequence farming: How Peter Andrews rejuvenates drought-struck land | Australian Story – YouTube

(34) How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory – YouTube

 Retrosuburbia is David Holmgren’s most recent book, offering techniques applicable to most of us. It is not realistic (nor sustainable) for everyone to move to a rural property and aim to be self sufficient. Better to learn interdependence! We can make changes where we are.

Permaculture: Is a design system with principles, thinking tools, to help generate Local solutions to global problems. It encompasses the built, biological and behavioural fields. Organic gardening is well known, but is just one aspect.  
Holmgren Design – Permaculture Innovation and Vision | Permaculture Principles, Courses & Tours | Sustainable Living

(53) David Holmgren talks collapse at the SLF Great Debate – YouTube

Geoff Lawton is a Permaculture teacher. This is a long but excellent discussion of applying permaculture in urban areas.

(62) Urban Permaculture with Geoff Lawton – YouTube

A simpler way: Crisis as opportunity is a documentary drawing together many valuable speakers. I have not watched all of it yet but what I have seen looks good.