About Us

Welcome to our website. We do some marvelous things in the garden of our house, in the house itself, and in our community.
Whether inside the house or outside in the garden, we engage in creative, sustainable and regenerative living. We strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth (which is the 5th mark of mission in the Anglican church)
Gardening in the coastal plain of Perth, Western Australia is a challenge. We have gradually transformed this 729m2 suburban block with house and lawns (and washing line, lemon tree, roses, and palm trees) into a significantly more productive green space where we are blessed to live. We continue to care for the land, part of Mooro Boodjar.
What was the front lawn when we came, has been planted with trees that are native to this place and soil type. Reduced water usage is only one of the benefits. Biodiversity of locally appropriate plant life encourages a biodiversity of the insects and birds who live here too.
The back area now seems much larger than when it was just lawn. It has a shed and rainwater tanks, but now also has multiple garden rooms divided by gates and 1200mm dog wire fences with fruit trees and vines giving deciduous canopy shade. Annual and perennial vegetables and herbs grow underneath. The chook workforce are let into one of the garden rooms at a time to till and fertilise the soil and to remove potential pests. We repurpose discarded wire baskets as protection for the plants we don’t want our feathered friends to dig up or completely demolish! They enjoy the fresh produce, and so do we.

Inside the house a day might bring baking or (low or no sugar) preserving, or mending and sewing clothes to nicely fit the bodies for which they are made. Or it might be that David has had another sewing machine donated to be fixed and sent on to someone who needs it. Many different creative pursuits occupy or time and interests.

Kath is a Permaculture Educator and presents workshops on many different topics. It might be at the local library, or community garden, or a gathering of the local Permaculture enthusiasts group. Once a year we present the Sustainable Living Course in an Anglican Parish. We are all part of creation, the environment in which we live needs us to live gently and with awareness, as good stewards. We enjoy helping parishioners and people in the surrounding community to learn about and put into practice things that help us all in caring for creation.