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Mrs Moller’s Marvelous Garden grows food which is taken into Mrs Moller’s Marvelous Kitchen to become Marvelous Meals, Marvelous Munchies, and Marvelous Preserves including MMM Secret Ingredient Chutney. Mr Moller enjoys watching, and tasting, eating and helping by providing feedback.

This site features MMM Kitchen, Garden and Chooks, among other sustainable, regenerative, simple living ideas and actions.

Our chooks like to eat the little bugs which in turn liked to eat the plants in our garden. Integrated pest management is easier and better for the environment than poisons. Spiders, slugs and cockroaches are among our chooks preferred snacks. The chooks don’t eat ladybugs. Ladybugs are our other favorite garden predator. We chose a ladybug as our Logo.

On this site you will see some homecrafts, blogs, videos and sustainable living adaptations we practice.
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